Booking and Payment

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Most of our attendees pay on the day of the retreat and we’ve never been so busy we’ve needed to turn people away. So you are welcome to do that. Some people prefer to pay in advance – see below for details.


The cost is stated on the retreat announcement and at the time of writing, the standard price is £12 and there is a “supporter” price of £15 for those who can afford it. Concessions are £7 whether in advance or on the day.

Please note the registration fee only covers running costs and travelling expenses. Teachers rely on the financial generosity of retreatants for their living; there is an opportunity to offer contributions (dana) on the day.

How to book in advance

If you need to book in advance then go to the eventbrite page for Cambridge Day Retreats. There should also be a link to the event page on eventbrite on each day announcement.

Am I a concession?

We offer “concessionary” tickets for people who think the concessionary rate might apply to them and can’t afford the standard price. This may, for example, include those who are unemployed, full-time students, retired individuals, or those who are otherwise finding it difficult to meet the cost.

We ask that you consider paying the standard rate if you are reasonably able, to support the continuation of the retreats.

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