Sitting Groups

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There are a couple of meditation sitting groups in Cambridge associated with Gaia House and our day retreats. The sitting groups are of people who are comfortable meditating, who generally practice by themselves, but who are looking for support from fellow travellers on the path. These are not drop in groups, and we don’t teach or guide meditation, so we’re not best suited for beginners. We would ask new participants to commit to their group, to expect to come for the majority of weeks.

The general format starts with a silent, unled sit for 35-45 minutes. Then there might be a reading or a recording of a dhamma talk, followed by some discussion over tea.

There are many other sitting groups in Cambridge that have different styles and focuses. A good list is maintained by the Cambridge Buddhist Society.

If you are interested in joining a sitting group, please get in touch by emailing We will let you know if there is space in any of the groups currently. Spaces do come up sometimes, and if there is enough interest we can support you in starting a new sitting group with other people on the waiting list.

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